FAQ-Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

Game Issue

1. Can I play the game on my phone?

Our game is a browser game, so it is only available via browser.

2. How can I change language in game?

Please click in the top-left corner of the main screen to access the language switching menu.

3. Can the game be compatible with 32 bit systems?

No. The game is not compatible with computers with 32 bit systems. Please try with other devices.

4. I‘ve completed the questionnaire but I didn't receive the rewards. Why?

If you don't receive survey rewards, please wait and check your mailbox. There's a delay before the reward being delivered.

5. The materials in packs in Great Discount are insufficient.

The special offer material packs have several tiers each, the number of chests increases as the tier rises. The detailed list of items in each pack is listed clearly in the "Details" button. Please check carefully before purchasing.

6. I can't type in game.

Please make sure to click on the text field before typing. If that doesn't work, please close the game completely and launch it again. rds vary from exclusive castle exterior, lord title, message frame, new commander medals to resources and speedups! Details about rewards will be posted soon. Stay tuned!

Trouble Shooting

1. I can't log in to the game. What should I do?

First check whether or not the server is updating. We will typically point this out in a visible place.

Next, check whether or not you are connected to the internet and try refreshing the game.

If your connection is normal, please contact customer service. Our customer service team will help you with further troubleshooting.

2. I can't make a purchase. What should I do?

We recommend trying the following solutions. If you still can't make a purchase, please contact customer service for assistance.

1. Change your internet connection.

2. Clear your game process and restart the game.

3. Check your payment method.

3. My account changed into a new account. What should I do?

First ensure that you've logged into your own original account. If you are sure that everything is correct, immediately contact customer service and provide the necessary verification information. You'll be able to get your account back once we finish the verification process.

Payment Issue

1. Can I get a refund after buying a pack?

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming's packs cannot be refunded once purchased. If you have extenuating circumstances regarding your pack purchase, please contact customer service immediately.

2. I did not receive a pack I purchased. What should I do?

There are various causes for this type of problem, e.g. connection issues, delayed payment platform data etc. If you encounter this type of problem, please try the following solutions:

1. Wait for a little while.

2. Clear your game process and restart the game.

3. Contact customer service to confirm the pack's purchase status.

3. My Black Diamonds are displaying incorrectly. What should I do?

1. Clear your game process and restart the game.

2. Contact customer service.

4. The pack I want to buy is unavailable. What should I do?

The update time for packs is refreshed in hours. You can closely follow the Shop's daily status. There will come a day when your favorite appears in the Shop. Not only that, but you can also buy discounted packs right when they first become available!

Account Issue

1. Does Game of Thrones Winter is Coming support account sharing and trading?

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming is a fair and safe game. As such, we do not support any kind of account sharing and trading. Account sharing and trading will make us unable to guarantee your account's safety and comes with high risk.

We will not be responsible for any losses caused by these types of actions. We ask players to value your own accounts and not take part in any account trading or sharing.

2. I lost my Game of Thrones Winter is Coming account. What should I do?

Please contact customer service for assistance. https://service.gamehollywood.com/support/index.action