Advanced New Player Guide

Great battles are won before they are ever fought. So your early strategies will decide your future. This guide will help you better understand the basics of the game and get ahead of other players from the very beginning.

【Main Quest】

Completing the main quest will not only grant you lots of rewards, they will also help you build a solid supply line for the future.

【Join an Alliance】

Alliance members can help shorten each other’s construction and research time. Purchasing items and defeating rebel leaders with other members will unlock Alliance Presents (contains EXP and Speed Up items and resources) for all members. Higher the Alliance’s level, higher its chance to unlock a higher level Alliance Present. Finding a stronger Alliance is a very important step in your journey.


Check and complete event objectives to get rewards that will provide important support to your journey on Westeros.

【Normal and Elite Challenges】

You can also get rewards from Normal and Elite challenges other than event objectives. The challenges are reset periodically. Make sure to check the objective of different challenges, so that you can always maximize your gain from completing the challenges. P.S. The challenge points will change based on your current Castle level.

【Upgrade your Talent Level】

You can view your talent trees by clicking on your lord’s avatar: Battle and Production. Production talents can greatly increase your research, construction, production and resource gathering speed; battle talents can provide various bonuses for you army. You should choose the talents that serve you the best. But you should always pick the production talents as a new player.

【Resource Gathering】

Click on the “World” then “Search” to find resource gathering sites and rebel leaders. Send your troops to collect resources from different gathering sites to support your city. Higher level sites can provide you more resources. You can use the resources to construct buildings, to research technologies or to forge equipment for your lords.