Game of Thrones - Wedding System Preview

Wedding System Preview

Ned Stark’s relentless foreboding warnings came true – winter in Westeros is here, and it looks like it’s going to be for a while. But far beyond the wall, in our world, the season isn’t winter – it’s weddings. 

Traditionally, the Faith of the Seven has large wedding ceremonies filled with numerous prayers, customs, and vows. The whole wedding process will last about 30 minutes in the game. Please read on below to check out more about the new Wedding System.

Wedding Preparation

Weddings come in 3 different grades. Each wedding pack includes a True Love Ring, Wedding Carriage, fireworks and other items required for the ceremony. After selecting a wedding, you can invite your partner on the wedding panel and start the marriage proposal.

*After selecting a wedding, you can still pay the price difference to upgrade to a higher-grade wedding.

Marriage Proposal

1. You can only propose to 1 unmarried friend to marry you.

2. Both of you have to be inside the Main City to proceed to the next step of the wedding.

Wedding March

When the wedding begins, you will ride a Wedding Carriage to the Sept for the ceremony. There are three kinds of Sept on the map. The wedding initiator will be able to select any Sept for the wedding. If another Wedding is being held in the Sept, you must wait for it to end before you can march to the Sept for your wedding.

*The Wedding March cannot be interrupted or canceled once it has begun.

Wedding Ceremony

You can invite your friends to your wedding to join in the celebrations. Following the ceremony, a wedding feast is held for all guests. The guests and the couple can use the wedding-exclusive channel to chat. They can also set off fireworks at the wedding and give out random gift chests to bring up the celebratory atmosphere. 

Special Skills for married couple

Love Relocation

Send your partner a relocation invitation, moving your partner's city to a location bordering yours. 

Love Protection

Activates a Truce of hours for your partner's city. 

Love Reinforcement

Increases speed of sending reinforcements to your partner.

Love Transport

Increases speed of transporting resources to your partner.

Of One Mind

Activates a Truce of minute(s) for your city; if your partner's city borders on yours, this will also active a similar Truce for their city. 

Battle Together

When your partner joins a rally initiated by yourself, your Total Health will be increased.

Night's Watch Oath

Besides getting married with someone, you can also choose to be one of the Night's Watch. Only unmarried players can activate Single status, unmarried players can exchange Single Signet Ring to activate Single status.

*Notice: Single status can be ended and will not affect the Single Signet Ring equipment.